Our 100% MMA acrylic solid bowls and sinks, there are lots of advantages,
including high density,hardness, no pore to hide dirt, unchanging color,
heat-resistant, chemical-resistant, and easy to clean, OEM and ODM are
acceptable, they definitely meet your space requirements.
100% made in Taiwan.

High plasticity materials, high density, stain-resistant and seamless bonding products.

Our 100% MMA acrylic solid sinks and bowls are made of high density materials without capillary pore to absorb or attract any residues, and thus no concerns of bacteria or germ breeding. Any coffee or tea stains or residues left unwashed overnight stay only on the surface, and can be cleaned with household scouring pad (e.g., 3M Scotch-Brite pad, except those made of steel silk) or rinsed by adding a few drops of detergent. It achieves easier maintenance than ordinary bowls and sinks.


Acrylic solid surface bowls for bathrooms and sinks for kitchens   




100% acrylic solid bowls and sinks, material is same as the Dupont Corian, Korea Samsung Starlon and LG Hi Marks, which has been referring by our customers as the most reliable ones.

We had been working with LG Hi Marks chief agent in Japan. As the member to TOTO OEM, in 2001, we joint ventured with one of the most cast acrylic sheet manufacturers in Taiwan, to develop and research the acrylic solid bowls and sinks. The materials are a proprietary blend of acrylic resin and aluminum tri-hydrate. Two main components, acrylic polymer and aluminum tri-hydrate, the material is injected into a mold to thermoform.

In 2003 our acrylic solid bowls and sinks are manufactured in compliance with standards set by ANSI specification Z124.6-1997, our brand, acrylic solid bowls and sinks provide: stain, impact, heat and chemical resistant, non-porous, hygienic, homogenous, renewable, weather ability and easy to clean. Our acrylic solid bowls and sinks are ideal and the preferred choice for many kitchen and bathroom designs and many commercial or residential environments. OEM and ODM are welcome.

In 2004 our bowls and sinks are certified by UPC of IAPMO.


Solid durability certified by ANSI 100%MMA-Solid and genuine material from top down and inside out Non-yellowing test: The acrylic resin has superior weather resistance, without the problem of yellowing. Non-combustibility test: No spontaneous combustion occurs ± 1 minute upon ignition of flame thrower.

Any stain left by lighted cigarette can be easily cleaned off with a household scouring pad. Thermal shock endurance test: Passed the ANSI Z124.6-5.6 test.

Chemicals resistance (acid or alkali) test: Passed the ANSI Z124.6-5.5 test.

Scratch resistance test: our brand, acrylic solid sink and bowl are made of homogenous materials, and have passed the ANSI Z124.6-5.3 test. Any scratch on the surface can be easily smoothed out by a 400-600 waterproof sand paper.


All colors are available upon your sample color swatches, currently existing 4 popular colors: A006 Milk Shake, A102 Beige Cream, A103 Natural White and A104 Pure White.  And main markets are, Taiwan high standard buildings, Taiwan HSR, Japan, Europe, little in Russia and Australia. 


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Bowls for Bathrooms
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