Happy New Year 2024 

May everyone has a happy coming Chinese Dragon New Year!   Gong Xi Fa Choi  恭喜發財

May Taiwan Dragon Year brings you and all around you, peace, happiness, health, fortune, more success and protect you everything embarassed

            welcome to Made in Taiwan land 

Taiwan factories are not affected by coronavirus. We are operating as normal. Regardless the material and paper cartons badly shortage, cost keep raising. 

We make things simple, not one time but long term cooperation, your friendly and professional strong back from here, little potato Taiwan island.  Success comes from patience, honest, perserverance, open mind and morality, the well-crafted organization of the working procedure in each step.  We create and complete various beautiful successful projects, together with global friends/partners, customers. Thank you very much for your trust and opportunities. Let's work hard and work well together.  Keep doing well. 

Taiwan MFG, Taiwan Processing, original designers, experts, mold open, manufacturers, factories, suppliers and shippers 

We are a team of long good relationship factories/manufacturers owners and the leaders of R&D, work close together over many years), 100% goods made in Taiwan. As we are all Taiwan based companies, material also Taiwan made, quality high not second/recycle material, cost higher. Prices may not be competitive than suppliers from other countries, we value every inquiry and do best to support here.


Every project is a wonderful art work to us. We use good material, high quality processing and treatments, costing higher, products quality stable and high!  Customers first, Service first and Quality first.  Profession, Quality, Experience, Efficiency, Steady, Reliable and Simple! 


Open to disucss prices, sincerely to do long term cooperation, we don't do prices competition only, prefer to be moral, keep top quality. 

Top quality Taiwan factories, manufacturers, the original designers and makers of the products and the suppliers, are here!  We started the manufacturing for global markets since 1959.  Welcome to send your inquiries, provide full required spec./materials, treatment/drawings or sample, ordering q’ty and your target prices (best help for us to final price for you soonest, our prices are always higher than China or other area factories), we are happy to prepare quotations for you. 

New items developing, existing old items producing, ODM, OEM and Molds opening


Products range:

Hot selling- Drinking Water System - the same one as HK air port and brand hotel president room.  

Ship/boat Hooks Parts .. welcome to contact for quoting.                    

Hardware for all types usage, for architecture, buildings, doors, drawers or stairs, for machines or various equipment, wire metal hardware, riggings, parts of screws and nuts, swing parts, racks, hooks, pulley hardware, metal wire hook, mountaineering hooks… etc..


100% MMA Acrylic solid surface bowls for bathrooms and sinks for kitchens.


Hardware and Houseware, Drinking Water System, RO water machiens, the personal usage hardware, the key chains, pins, the badges, the houseware accessories in metal or plastic or PVC, the daily products, pets daily, boxes and containers, and the sanitary series, for bathroom or kitchens.  And the office chairs (under slow updating)

Wire Rope, Wire Rope fittings and accessories, and Tools, the wire rope, hanging systems, rigging, stainless steel terminals, quick link eyes, jaws, quick link studs, wire and glass balustrading, wire cutters, handtools. 

Electronic Parts: Bicycle Car Energy Storage Device, Bus Bar Chains, Injection Stamping Molds, Led DIP Switch Relay, USB Camera Rotary Switch VCM, for Auto Part Car Diodes and Electronic Heat Spreader, Semiconductor.   

Stamping Precision Relay Terminals, VCM, Auto Parts and Heat Spread Pieces, Miniature Parts. 

Garden tools and accessories, sprinklers, nozzles, hoses, pop up, valves, hose couplings,connectors, brass tap, adaptors, rubber products, washer and o-ring. The usage range, farms, gardens, agriculture, the Industrial usage, machines, equipment. 

Car accessories, Car Auto mirrors, car parts, brake system, the tie rod end, ball joint, rack end, stabilizer link, idler arm, center link, pitman arm, lower arm, suspension part, the bicycle parts, forging and CNC parts, gear … etc..

Car Mirrors, Car Cooling system, Car Brake system, disc., the Caliper, forged multi-piston brake system, modification and rotors for brake plates.   

Machining parts and toolsRotors for vane pumpsCollets and chucks, parts for milling machines, turret, tool holders, laminate cutter, end mills and cutting tools.  CNC parts for machines, sports, electrical parts, the parts by lathe, milling, forging, casting or polish.  

Packing Straps, there are 2 types, the steel and ECO PET straps, other related seals and tools.  

Plastic products, by Injection, Car Mirrors, car parts, gym parts, pets daily, sanitary, the containers and the houseware, by Extrusion, Wire Pullers, the hose and bar, also the PVC clips for supermarkets, stores.  And Plastic PVC film service. 


Machines and CNC machanic parts, for gear, gym, sports, brakes, wheels, parts for machinery, for agriculture using, for cars, motorcycles, bikes and medical using. 


OEM. ODM. OBM. Molds opening are welcome- Reasonable prices and efficient delivery, easy communications and prompt in arranging the production and shipping.  We quote best prices at the beginning, this is the best way for long term cooperaton, we are not quoting higher then reduce the prices when customers request.  Quotations: Please advise full required spec./drawing/or sample, we then will be able to quote correctly.


Please contact us by emailing to "[email protected]" or msg., LIND ID 'Taiwanmfg', we answer every formal enquiry. If you don’t receive our reply (in 1-3 days), it means we miss your email or msg., please re send it. 

Reminder: We reply every formal enquiry, when drop your words to us, please leave, your full mail box, full contact name, Mr./Ms., full company name and company website, your market if required, or tel./fax no. and address, we will reply you soon.          This website is always slowly updating, giving you new fashion and hot selling goods with advance technicque and quality fittings accompany the products. 

Currently the cost not stable, keeps raising often, please re check prices with us when ordering. Thank you very much.  

We are always sincere and knee to hear from your comment. Stay safe and Keep doing well. 

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