Quality Hydraulic Vane Pump Rotors, professional and experienced Taiwan manufacturer!
The quality manufacturer of Hydraulic Vane Pump Rotors, rotors for vane pump, 100% Made in Taiwan, since 1973, from middle Taiwan. The Taiwan most professional hydraulic vane pump rotors, diverse variable fixed high-low vane hydraulic pump rotors manufacturer, and our products are both approved and selected by most local hydraulic pump manufacturers. Our current markets are Japan, China and Europe (some countries directly and indirectly).

Our service range:
Various sizes Hydraulic Pump Rotors, OEM and ODM are acceptable! Many of them have been popular in China, Japan, Europe and America; moreover, we have been the supplier for branded Japanese companies. The Hydraulic Pump Rotors we make are suitable for high pressure usage, the fix pump and the variable vane pumps, double pump, air compressors, for the splined shafts, the low pressure fix vane pumps, the power steering pumps, the cars (by powder metallurgy) and the trucks (by bar or stainless steel material processing), various pneumatic tool rotors and various kinds of axial products without collision, vibration grinding, deburring and polishing manufacturing, etc.

The high standard processing treatment for hydraulic vane pump rotors as below:
1. Materials mainly we use are imported from Japan, they are:
    SCM415 (SAE4115)
    SCM420 (SAE4120)
    SNCM220 (SAE8620)
    SNCM420 (SAE4320)
2. Forging processing, as required, for customers’ need, over 32-year-experience.
3. Lathe processing, over 35-year-experience.
4. Pulling, to pull the inner teeth and the keyway, as required, more than 42-years-experience.
5. Drilling and Milling, 48-year-experience.
6. Heat treatment, manufacturing cooperated with Japanese technical guidance, over 32-year- experience.
7. Grinding the outer diameter, the Japanese and Swiss made grinding machines, over 22-year-experience.
8. Polishing the surface, by the double-sided polishing machine that is Japan made. 42-year-experience.
9. Grooves grinding, 19 processing machines. 42-year-experience.
10. Burr treatment

Our story:
We were initially the milling machine professional processing factory, since 1973, from middle Taiwan, engaged in various kinds of precision parts processing, accumulated rich processing technology experience. After that, we began to produce the oil pressure and vane pump rotors according to customers’ needs. Over the years, we continue to develop the innovative production equipment, improve the quality, and satisfy the customers. Based on customers’ affirmation, we are the Taiwan most professional hydraulic vane pump rotor manufacturer, and our products are both approved and selected by most hydraulic pump manufacturers. Adhering to provide customers with excellent quality and reasonable prices, we hope to jointly create win-win development and sustainable operations with you!

You are welcome to send your products drawing, full required spec., ordering q’ty or target prices. We are pleased to prepare quotations for you soon. Thank you. Have a nice day.

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