We provides quality hardware, accessories and parts. Professional and experienced, suggest you the best way (efficiency and less cost) to manufacture the hardware you are looking for. Over 50 years, we directly and indirectly supply and participate in various types global brand projects, OEM, ODM and Molds opening.  We watch every step of the processing to be ECO and nature protection.  We grow together with our global value customers, they are our friends, and family!  

100% Made in Taiwan
We use good material and high quality processing and treatment for the goods. Costing higher. 


Below items are the existing long old items for your understanding of what and how we can do for you.  For getting quotation, please send your full product spec./drawing/or sample, your target prices and ordering q'ty if possible. 

Swageless Wire Rope Rigging and Accessories
Swageless Wire Rope Rigging and Accessories
wire rope accessories, wire rope fittings
Wire Rope Fittings and Accessories
rigging parts, wire rope rigging
Wire Rope Rigging
wire rope, elastic rope, wire rope sling
Wire Rope
Architectural hardware
Architectural Hardware
screws, screw and nut
Screws and Nuts
swing rack, swing hanger, carabiner, swing parts
Ship Plane Construction Hardware
Ship, Plane, Construction Hardware
Household hardware
Household Hardware
Metal Wire Hardware
Metal Wire Hardware
Drinking Water System
100% MMA Acrylic Solid Bowls and Sinks