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Water is important, having and drinking good water is best for everyone. 
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Dispenser, coffee, tea or water laughing 

High quality Drinking Water System, machines, equipment and the accessories. 



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BC TAP drinking fountain- Boiling and Chilled Water System

Enjoy great tasting chilled still and boiling water from one tap. Make your life easier. 



Blanching, boiling, brewing-up, sterilizing, cleaning. Tea, coffee, broccoli, spaghetti. Morning cuppa, baby's bottle, midnight feast. The more you use it, the more things you think of to do with it. 

MODERN WORKPLACE- Attractive design fits the interior of today's offices.  

Energy Saving- It enters into sleeping mode when the surrounding lighting is dark. The system's boiler will be off in the mode. It wakes up when any button is touched. 

EVERYONE'S KITCHEN OF FAVORITE- Stylish, space-saving tap graces the counter. All other parts hide away in base cabinet. 


Modern Living, Smart Drinking

"Cafe at Home"- also Kitchen drinking type fountains

If you like tea and coffee, you'll love them even more with the BC Tap in place. Whether in making coffee or tea, pure water brings you the best taste. With professional filtration system, the BC Tap provides pure boiling & chilled water enabling the aroma of drinks to be more highlighted. Your kitchen feels like an awesome cafe, bring you a deep sense of life. 


Stainless Steel Facucet, Touch Button Control, Grade 1 Energy Efficiency Rating Label, Optional Wall-mounted Wireless LCD Display Panel (Temperature & System Status), Hot/Chilled or Hot/Ambient Water, LCD Display Control Panel, 100C degree Boiling Water, Adjustable Temperature (30-100C degree), Water Leakage Detection and Automatic Shut-off Control, Schedule On/Off Mode, Sleeping Mode when idle, Various dispense options to choose from. 


Electric power:
Water Boiler:  AC110V/ AC220V/ 50-60Hz/ 750W/ 3.6L
Water Chiller: AC110V/ AC220V/ 50-60Hz/ 160W/ 2.0L


Storage capacity: 3.6L hot barrel, 2L cold barrel
Size: width 230mmx depth 300mmx height 417mm


Features-most important:
1. The entire faucet is made of Stainless Steel 304, representing the ultra craft aesthetics. (Not like the others in this industry that are only partly made with stainless steel, please note that plating on plastics are prone to oxidation or even fall off.). 

2-1. IP 67: waterproof and dustproof (ex. iPhone X is made of IP 67 as well)
2-2. Our products are not like the others in this field the ‘Waterproof Design’, which might not actually be waterproof, because the interior of the kitchen counter is usually damp with steam rising through the inside of the faucet, this would break the circuit board.  

3. Patent! The intellectual technology of Light Sensor brings life convenience. (Starting up the machine by turning on the light; shutting the machine down by turning the light off. Prevent you from traditional practice, need to set up the machine every day.) 

4. The ‘first class’ level energy consumption that is the best energy-saving. It costs only NT$1.97 for ‘24 hours standby’ approximately (Based on Taiwan summer electricity tariff of NT$3.52 per kWh on April 1, 2018 that was implemented by Taiwan Power Company.) 
5. Energy saving label. 
6. Medical Standard Stainless Steel 316 hot cylinder.
7. Medical Standard Stainless Steel 316 Heater, longer lifetime.
8.  The best anti-rust treatment, the case is 430 stainless steel paint which won’t get rusty from the humidity of the countertop. (The others suppliers in this field usually use the black iron or argon plate paint.) 
9. The bubbler we use is from the global top brand Neoperl (Made in Swiss), which is also made of SS304.
10. US FDA Teflon tube (NT$1 per centimeter of the tube which is very expensive)(The silicone tube will absorb the smell of the environment and cause the water to stink).
11. The heater has a smart LCD touch panel and so the information is clear at just a glance. (Patent!)
12. Wireless connection to LCD screen (optional).
13. The heat exchange technology helps maintain water temperature up to 40 degree.  The other suppliers in this field, the water will cause overheating when excessive use of warm water.  
14.  The whole machine has passed the EU CE certification and Taiwan Commodity Inspection Bureau certification. 
15. Three water temperatures, "ice, warm and hot" are available.

1. Electricity leakage circuit breaker device for your safety.
2. Overheat protection switch to ensure personal safety.
3. The thermal insulation material conforms to the national standard. 
4. The faucet anti-scalding design to protect children's safety.  
5. Hot water outlet safety switch (childlock).  
6. Stainless steel 304 water round tray, color matches (optional).  
7. "Timer switch" function, tailor-made for your life.  
8. It can be set to mode of "simple water outlet", like Hong Kong International Airport, according to the different environmental needs.  
9. Consumers can quickly adjust the temperature of hot water from the “+” and “-” buttons on the panel.
10. International standard 'waterproof signal line'.  
11. All joints are made of low lead copper, which are in line with national standards
12. We use CE certified low-lead copper solenoid valve for the water outlet, not like what the others suppliers in this field using plastic material. (Under the condition of no running water, during a year of the continuous power-on in the destruction test, the solenoid valve has no abnormality. Generally, the solenoid valve must be burned within 7 days.)
13. Faucet angle can be easily adjusted. 
14. The filters covers are transparent, we can see clear what are inside. 

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BC TAP- Boiling & Chilled Water System
BC TAP- Boiling & Chilled Water System
BC TAP Color Options
BC TAP Color Options