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Rubber products
Taiwan manufacturer, we are factories owners, sales window, costing and R&D leaders, professional and experienced in producing various high quality rubber products, OEM and ODM, such as O-rings, Rubber Gasket, Oil seals, Rubber to Metal Bonded parts, Water Dispenser Rubber Seals, Rubber Tubes, Rubber Strips, Rubber Shaped Strip, Rubber Suction Cup, Washer and Industrial Custom Products. Also, we supply rubbers products for industrial and commercial purpose, and used in vehicle engine components, electronic components, computer components, fire equipment, medical equipment, gas and sanitary equipment, ... etc. 

Specially customized to your needs with various treatments to resist damaging factores, such as oil, heat, weather, acid, alkaline, chemical products, fuel gas and cold coal.  


Material we use: All types that are suitable, NBR, Silicone, VITON, IR, IIR, NEOPER, EDPM, SBR and NR. 

Led lamp, lighting, luminous rubber and silicone OEM and ODM products or projects
Since 2000, we also do the injection of plastic silicone, hose and rubber, we also are specifically in electronic and led lamp OEM products, have been the supplier for branded companies. Such as:
Rubber and Silicone parts/products (700mm/300T max currently)
Led lamp/ Lamp/ Lighting waterproof rubber sleeves
Flexible Conduit with silicone coating
Engineering plastics two-pack silicon plastic
General rubber and special silicon heat-resistant, high- temperature rubber
Metal parts with silicone coating, O ring/ Oil seal/ D ring/ X ring, Gasket, Packing, Rubber galbe metal  and other rubber products. Rubber parts and Silicone, Rubber key pads, Protective case, Automobile and Motorcycles parts, Snake tube rubber, Mobil phone waterproof silicon strips

You are welcome to send your required products spec., sample (the best way to get our quotations accurately and fast), drawing 2D or 3D (hope most), ordering q’ty and target prices, we are pleased to prepare quotation for you soon.

1. Our prices based on high quality, we will let you down if you are ‘price first’, you will be happy to cooperate with us if you are ‘quality first’ : )
2. Please tell us your q'ty or target prices and send sample if you are developing new products.

Thank you very much for your cooperation, have a nice day~

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rubber o rings, o ring, o ring seal
O Ring Seal
rubber gasket
Rubber Gasket
rubber oil seal, pu oil seal, u oil seal, oil seal
Oil Seal
rubber to metal bonded parts
Rubber to Metal Bonded Parts
Water Dispenser Rubber Seal
Water Dispenser Rubber Seal
rubber tubing, silicone tubing, rubber strips
Rubber Tubes / Strips
rubber shaped strip
Rubber Shaped Strip
rubber suction cups
Rubber Suction Cup
custom rubber products
Industrial Custom Products
Silicone Waterstop
Silicone Waterstop