Plastic Extrusions: 

We are the factory, since 1986, ISO9001:2015, provide custom plastic extrusions, we are also experience in professionally combining plastic extrusion and aluminum extrusion. End-to-end service, including Plastic Hose, Plastic Tube, Traffic Safety Equipment, Electrical Fish Tapes and the little PVC Clips Display equipment, for all types stores and shops. Your inquiries with full spec. and drawing are welcome.

Plastic Extrusion service range:

1. Plastic Extruded products manufacture and design (OEM/ODM)
2. Profile extrusion tubing, hoses and decorative profile manufacturing Custom Co-extrusions
Custom service for special specifications needs.
3. Aluminum extruding billets and the Extrusion Products such as window frame and industrial materials which is used for turning or forging. And the window frame and industrial materials which is used for turning or forging. The available material is from 1xxx series to 7xxx series.
4. We provide end-to-end service, including the development, manufacture, treading, drilling and assembling process of extrusions.
5. Various quality type plastic extrusion products, extruded (Aluminum), pipes, special-shape bar of PVC hard & soft PE, PP, PC, AC, PET-G, ABS, PPO, PU and Nylon. We develop into more service range, not only the plastic tubes, but also the products for road safety, building, electrical and hardware products that are high standard.

Plastic Injection: 

We are the ISO9001 factory, since 1979, OEM and ODM, professional and experience in manufacturing various kinds of injection products. We have been the supplier of brands products globally.

Plastic Injection service range:

We, in house service, from mold opening, sample for approval, mass production, quality inspection, packing and shipping. Forming machines are available from 100- 350tons, and could make the products of the Houseware Daily, Home Appliance, Containers, Pet Products, Plastic Parts, Garden Supplies, Sprinklers and Hoses, Car Parts, Car Mirrors, Motorcycle Mirrors, Injection Molds opening, the Auto Plastic Bodies, Sports, Electrical Products, Medical products and Machinery Products. Moreover, we make the Sanitary and Bathroom products, Faucet Handle, Soft Tube, Hanger Hook, Shower Head, … etc..

OEM / ODM Extruded Products
OEM / ODM Extruded Products
pu air hose, suction tube, plastic extrusion tubing
Plastic Extrusion Shapes / Tubing
kids play equipment, dental scaling equipment, customized equipment
Customized Equipment
Fittings and Parts
Fittings and Parts