Taiwan Manufacturer quality architecture hardware, the Taiwan factory, since 1979:                                                                                                                     

We are the origin designer/ the maker and the supplier.
Continuously provide various existing quality hardware items and also keep developing new items ourseles, or cooperate with customers the OEM ODM hardware, according to their need.  We are happy to grow with you.

The architecture hardware, our main hardware professionals are:
(1) Handle  (2) Coat hook  (3) Door stop  (4) Door lock  (5) Window lock  (6) Hinge  (7) Stair handrail  (8) Mirror frame  (9) Suction hook  (10) Magnet door stop  (11) Drawer handle  (12) Door knocker  (13) Anti-theft lock, Anti-theft chain  (14) Door bolt  (15) Towel rack  (16) Aluminum window holder (17) Hollow knobs for drawers, cabinets and doors. 

Provide the top quality Taiwan hardware, accessories and parts.
We are professional and experienced in the manufacturing, always suggest you the best way (efficiency and less cost) to make hardware that you are looking for.
We directly supply and participate in various good global OEM, ODM and Mold opening projects.

100% Made in Taiwan                                                                                                          Quality and Strict Treatment and Processing, for your reference:
Normally the lead time is 35-45 days when q’ty is less than 10,000PCS. When q’ty is more than 10,000PCS, the lead time is basically 55-60 days.
The working time is as below:
(1) Die Casting-1 week (2) Grinding-1 week (3) Drilling-1 week (4) Vibration-1 week (5) Electroplating or Painting-1 week each
(6) Drawing-1 week (7) QC and Packaging-1 week.
Total: 7 weeks (at least 49 days). But we need extra 7-10 days to handle sometimes unexpected machines and molds fixing or adjusting.

Our quality hardware main treatment processing chart:
1. Brass/Copper Diecasting: Diecasting-> Grinding->Roller->Drilling, Tapping->Vibration->Grinding, Polishing-> plating-> drawing-> painting
2. Brass/Copper Forging: Forging->Grinding->Roller->Drilling, Tapping->Vibration->Grinding, Polishing->Electroplating->Drawing->Painting
3. Brass/Copper Casting: Sand-> Grinding-> Roller-> Drilling, Tapping-> Vibration-> Grinding, Polishing-> Plating-> Drawing-> Paint
4. Brass/Copper Plate Products: Brass/Copper Plate-> Punch-> Grinding, Polishing-> Plating-> Brushing-> Painting
5. Brass/Copper Bar Products: Brass/Copper Bar->Cut length->Punch->Drilling, Tapping->Grinding, Polishing->Plating->Drawing->Painting
6. Brass/Copper Lathe Products: Copper Bar-> Lathe-> Drilling, Tapping-> Grinding, Polishing-> Plating-> Brushing-> Painting
7. Zinc Diecasting: Diecasting-> Drilling, Tapping-> Vibration-> Grinding, Polishing-> Plating-> Brushing-> Painting
8. Iron/Metal Bar Products: Iron/Metal bar->Cut length->Punch->Drilling, Tapping->Grinding, Polishing-> Plating-> Drawing-> Paint
9. Iron/Metal Plate: Iron/Metal Plate->Punch->Plating->Drawing->Painting
10. Iron/Metal Lathe Products: Iron/Metal bar-> Lathe->Drilling, Tapping->Grinding, Polishing-> Plating-> Drawing-> Painting
11. Aluminum Die Casting: Die Casting-> Drilling, Tapping-> Grinding-> Vibration-> Electroplating, Paint-> Drawing-> Painting
12. Aluminum Bar Products: Aluminum bar->Cutting length->Punch->Drilling, Tapping->Grinding, Polishing->Plating->Drawing->Painting
13. Aluminum Plate Products: Aluminum Plate-> Punch-> Plating-> Brushing-> Painting
14. Aluminum Lathe Products: Aluminum Bar-> Lathe-> Drilling, Tapping-> Grinding, Polishing-> Plating-> Brushing-> Painting

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